realistic works
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Oil on Canvas, 14” x 11”
© 2016



It is a constant learning process to go back and forth between the realistic and surrealistic work as I study the way space and light help elicit a sense of mystery and illusion.

There are several series in the realistic genre. Among the new work in the past year in the portrait and figurative series are Jamming and Girl Talk.  Also there is Blue Balloon which was juried into the 2015 edition of American Art Collector and The Portal which was juried into the 2016 edition.  This section also includes Best Friends and others.

New in my landscape series is The Inlet.   Also included is Evening Storm and Afternoon Light. I have three new paintings in the floral series - Portrait of a Sunflower, Hollyhock, and Rosebud.

A few years ago I added three more paintings to the still life series.  Elegant Wrangler and City Slicker are two new paintings in my shoe series.  Some others in the shoe series are Possibilities and Sophisticated Ladies.  Stark Contrast is also a new addition to the still life series, but is not part of the shoe series.