surrealistic works
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See No Evil
Oil on Canvas, 66" x 48"
© 2003


There are several series in various stages of development which make up the surrealistic body of work.

A few years ago I completed a new work entitled Shattered Bonds. It stands alone as it doesn't snugly fit in any of the series already in development. This piece was juried into the 2014 edition of American Art Collector.

I began developing my ecumenical series around 2003, although fresh inspirations always allow for additional pieces to this and any of the series.  This series expresses my desire for tolerance among religions. Works in this series include See No Evil, which was juried into the 2013 edition of American Art Collector, The Conversation, Reverie and Venus del Cabo.

Creating the series about loss, sadness and life and death started some years ago and is ongoing. In this series is Bereft, a triptych of 3 separate canvases. Also included is Off Kilter, inspired by September 11th and other events. My years in medicine were the inspiration for ‘Cor’ of Being. While this painting is about the awesome biological nature of the heart (cor in Latin) and the wonder of life and death, it is also about the heart as the core (pun intended) of emotions.